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About Work + Sea

 Work + Sea is an interdisciplinary design studio - an artist-designer duo who apply suggestions of narrative to their design of objects and environments - inspired by their interactions with, and unfiltered responses to, the world.

Lara and Michael met in an architecture design firm in NYC, they shared a strong and instant creative connection. Work + Sea was formed on a warm summer night in a Brooklyn backyard as they dreamed up a world together: inspired by vegetation creeping up the brickwork, the interplay of light and dark seeping out of the urban environment, and the suggestions of the other worlds they saw in shadowed corners, the duo conjured designs for their first wallpaper collection.

Lara is formally trained in fine art and Michael in architecture. Lara’s affinity with the phenomenological and interest in the unmapped worlds of possibility that exist within the unknown, paired with Michael’s linear drive to investigate the enigma behind why something "works", alongside his fascination with structure in all its forms, are the contrasting perspectives which provide the creative spark behind Work + Sea.

principals of design

Design is art + function


The highest level of craft is always essential

Design should be the start of a conversation, not the end


design should have a sense of context - of time and place - acknowledging history, while looking towards the future

design must have space for conversation, romance, laughter and memory


Design must always celebrate personality

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